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    Chimney Repairs

    Chimneys give roofs their charming and iconic looks. At Ash Roofers, we specialize in several areas of chimney repair such as:

    1. Chimney Flaunching: Old flaunching usually develops cracks because of rain and strong winds, while harsh temperatures can worsen these cracks. We use strong sand and cement mixture to repair old and cracked flaunching. The cement mixture is used to form a strong waterproof protection against the leaks, in order to put the chimney pot in its rightful place.
    2. Chimney Pointing: Our team are well-trained to do chimney-reprinting if it has been damaged by weather. We restore the chimney to an excellent standard by replacing the pointing in the bricks.
    3. Chimney Pots: The chimney pots would have to be re-bedded once the flaunching is cracked or damaged. Our skilled staff ensure that the chimney pots are re-bedded when due, and at the right angle and position.
    4. Roof Flashing: We do several types of flashings and ensure that water damage to chimneys and roofs is prevented.

    Back Tray Flashing: With this type of lead flashing, rainwater will be collected and redirected behind a chimney. We use our finest timber and lead work skills to install an efficient back tray flashing.

    Step Flashing: The join between the chimney and the roof is protected by step flashing. It also stops the emergence of hidden leaks.

    1. Chimney Capping: This makes it impossible for water, birds, and draughts to enter a building via a chimney. We have chimney caps in varied shapes, colours, and sizes to complement the aesthetics of your roof.

    Chimney stack rebuilding and total removal may be required in most of these cases of damage. We use stronger and better mortal to rebuilt chimneys that could stand the test of time. In most cases, the whole chimney stack would have to be re-built, but you can always rely on our skilled professionals for a perfect job. We can use steel straps to attain stabilization in less severe cases. We cut out damaged bricks and replace them with new and better materials effortlessly.

    Some clients might want to have an outright removal of their chimney stacks because electric heating had render them useless. In the course of removing chimney stacks, our certified staff ensure safety by carefully removing the bricks one after the other. We always look for materials that fit our clients' original chimney stack’s aesthetic and building. We always try to maintain a consistent appearance in our clients’ building, as well as a good aesthetic of the chimney.

  • Our Chimney Repair Services include:

    • Chimney Inspection
    • Chimney Cleaning
    • Chimney Repair
    • Chimney Cap Installation